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  Things to know about Change Management
  • Definition 1/2

    Definition 1/2

    Change Management is not clearly definable. Generally, it is understood to be all measures that help companies to adjust to important changes or to actively bring about changes themselves. Since all modern companies are subject to constant change, Change Management can also be regarded as a part of normal corporate business.

    It comprises all tasks, measures and activities needed to achieve a comprehensive change to implement new strategies, structures, systems, processes or behaviors.

  • Definition 2/2

    Definition 2/2

    There are very different triggers for change in the workflow and organizational structures, e.g. the joining, separation or introduction of new fields of work (merger), the introduction of new processes, systems and concepts (process engineering, cost reduction, lean management, quality management, Six Sigma, etc.)
    And it is the people who have to carry the burden of these often very complex changes.

    Change often leads to uncertainty, not only for the affected employees but also for the managers in charge.

    According to Fatzer, Change can be divided into seven phases: Shock, Denial, Understanding, Acceptance, Testing, Knowledge and Integration.


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